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What Size?


We have labeled toys in 3 categories so you can select the appropriate size -

COCKATIEL : For smaller birds - conures, quakers, caiques, pionus, lorikeets, senegals, cockatiels, similarly sized birds, and really shy, non-destructive larger birds. Suitable for lovebirds and parakeets where specially noted.

AMAZON : For greys, small cockatoos, eclectus, hawkheads, destructive conures, amazons, and mini macaws.

MACAW : Intended for larger macaws and cockatoos. If you have a moluccan, hyacinth, scarlet, black cockatoo or other extremely destructive bird - look for the things that say "recommended for monsters". If you are not sure your bird is a monster, it's probably not - monsters generally break the welds on their cage, crush metal parts flat, and go through wooden toys like they have a chainsaw stashed in their cage...


Most of our perches have bird size designations of:

SMALL = small birds to cockatiel size
MEDIUM = Amazon/ grey sized birds
LARGE = large macaws/ cockatoos

Have questions or special needs? Write us at: customercare@birdalog.com

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